Lieutenant America
and Miss Apple Pie

(stories by Tom DeMarco)

“Beautifully detailed stories, bathed in warmth.”
                — Kirkus Reviews

Short Stories by Tom DeMarco

In twelve stories, many set in his home state of Maine, Tom DeMarco introduces us to a cast of memorable characters. Among them: a fashionable grand dame who comes undone at the Rose Festival Boxed Lunch Social; a boy whose encounter with a beautiful wood sprite connects him to his dying grandfather; Jasper the handyman, who makes a surprise visit at his own funeral; and a management consultant who can rescue a huge corporation but cannot fix his personal life. 

In the title novella, we follow the life of a remarkable lawyer and her relationship with a WW1 war hero.    Karen Fisk, writing in The Maine Times contrasts DeMarco with author Evelyn Waugh. “DeMarco’s pen is light, honest but indulgent. Whereas Waugh seemed to loathe his characters, DeMarco loves his.” And so will you!

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